Hip: Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner in Manhattan

Wow, what’s Kendall actually wearin’?? Okay, obviously she’s trying to spark a new trend called, what, what again, ‘invisible jeans’!?? With only the those frayed seams on the sides of her legs and cuffs around her ankles, it’s like she’s wearing a ‘kite’! Seriously. Her shorts as the kite’s body while those seams are its tails.

Yea, we know Kendall’s a fashionista, but t’is close to being a rebel. A fashion rebel!

Just frayed seams and cuffs out there

For now, forget the fabric wastage, though this ‘invisible jeans’ could be a 15-second craze, we don’t think it’d be some kind of classic — yep, unlike the frayed shorts or ripped jeans. After all, you’re still wearin’ somethin’ identifiable with those.

Guess, Kendall’s just bored and at most, ahead of her time with this one.


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