Bikini 2017: Best Swimwear Celebs July 26-31

Taylor Hill in St. Tropez, July 26
Bianca Elouise in Miami, July 26
Chanel West Coast in Ibiza, July 26
Chloe Lewis in Mallorca, July 26
Shea Marie in Miami, July 26
Lauryn Goodman in Barbados, July 27
Ferne McCann in Spain, July 28
Chloe Crowhurst in Lanzarote, July 30
Claudia Romani in West Palm Beach, July 30
Lottie Moss in Mykonos, July 31

Last but not least is the final group of our Best Swimwear Celebs for July. And as you have noticed even in our past swimwear posts is that we do include even pregnant stars — and why not, if they are ‘sexy’?! Remember, it’s all about good carriage.

Yet for this batch, we didn’t really make a dozen stars — some shots were just blurry or didn’t have the right angle; otherwise, they just didn’t project themselves well.


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